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>60334 Monster Truck - Wheelie/Jump/ Spin out/ Front Flip Assortment

>60337 Monster Truck - Wheelie/Jump/ Spin out/ Front Flip Twin Pack Assortment

Monster Truck - Play Damo

Monster Truck - Play Damo

Monster Truck - Play Damo
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Monster truck   Front Flip

Monster truck Front Flip

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Monster truck  Spin Out

Monster truck Spin Out

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Monster truck   Wheelie

Monster truck Wheelie

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Monster Truck - Jump

Monster Truck - Jump

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Monster Truck Toy Car User Manual

Suitable for Spin out/ Front Flip/ Wheelie Car Drives

  • Holds the car drives on the ground and pulls back, forth in three times, slide the gear till the CLICK into the position. 

  • For best performance, only operate the car drives on flat. 

  • The turning speed and radius may vary at difference lever position combinations. 

  • Turn the car drives downside up. 

  • Fit the side support to the car drives. (NOTE: If the side support does not seem to fit, change the other one and try again)

  • Repeat for the other side.

  • Slide the car drives wheel onto rear axle, make it match with the gear box.


Maintaining Your Vehicle

  • It is parents’ responsibility to check main parts of the toy before using. Must regular examine for potential hazard, such as the wheels, screws are fastening enclosure of other parts and that in the event of such damage, and the toy must not be until that damage had been properly removed.

  • Make sure the plastic parts of the vehicle are not cracked or broken.

  • Occasionally use a lightweight oil to lubricate moving parts such as wheels.

  • Keep the vehicle away from sources of heat, such as stoves and heaters, plastic parts may melt.

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