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Who's the strongest man alive? If you were to ask a kid, he would say, his Dad. In fact we polled a few dozen kids from around the nation and 85% of them said, "Dad!" (The other 15% included superheroes of some sort.) That's why we make Mighty Wheels Strong and Tough, Just like Dad! Real steel and durable plastic make for a mighty good time!  Watch the video below about a boy and his Dad playing with the Mighty Wheels trucks!

Mighty Wheels strong toy trucks


The family is important to Mighty Wheels. That's where all of our great memories come from. Childhood is a time to have fun, learn and grow! What better way to connect with your family then to play together! So go get your son, play in the sand, get dirty and laugh. 

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Boys love their trucks and that doesn't stop when a boy becomes a man. Men love trucks too! (Their trucks are just bigger and faster!) But what a way to connect father and son! Trucks! Mighty Wheels trucks are not only a great way for father and son to play together but when that son gets older and has a son of his own, he can pass on his Mighty Wheel truck to his son! We know that one definition of quality is how long something lasts. We make our trucks our of real steel and strong plastic to last generations of fun playtime between a father and a son! 

Hazard Stripe 02.jpg
Mighty Wheels steel toy trucks




Mighty Wheels Toy Trucks


We'd love to see you and your son playing with the Mighty Wheels Trucks. Visit our Social Sites and please post any pictures of your playtime and tag Mighty Wheels. 

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