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Below are reviews and testimonials from verified viewers from around the world that love the Mighty Man cartoon series and we hope you do too!




5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

8.9 out of 10 Stars on IMDB

Mighty Reviews

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5 stars for Mighty Man!

"We think Mighty Man is so great! My kids love watching it and get excited whenever I turn it on for them. My 3 year old exclaims, "Yay, Mighty Man! I love it!". My 9 year old girls says this show was a great idea. She likes the characters and the funny things in it. My 7 year old boy thinks the last episode was really cool. He likes all of it and wants more episodes!"

- Jamie

Excellent children's content!

"We are very careful about how much screen time our kids get and what content they watch. It's great to have a good, clean show with short episodes so the kids don't have to commit 30 minutes or more to watching the TV. Also, we have struggled to find good kid's content that doesn't look cheap or low quality (because that gets old real fast when you see every episode over and over). It is a great little show and we're hoping they make several more seasons."

- Aubrey

This show has heart!

"With all the noisy, crazy kid shows out there, it’s nice to see a wonderfully wholesome animated series. My two boys love the trucks and there are so many moments to make them laugh!"

- Chelsea

Finally a new addition to animation without the trash.

"The stories and characters are wholesome and they display good morals for kids. The villain is my favorite because his plan always backfires on him. They're short segments so it's great for kids with short attention spans. Most cartoons now have a lot of busy noises and sound effects, but I didn't get the same annoying headache and the want to change the channel with these episodes. Your little ones will enjoy these. Definitely better built and better looking than Bob the Builder!"

- Diana


Love this cartoon.

"My son was especially captivated by all the big equipment. Great wholesome entertainment. I love the voices of the characters. I also like that the episodes are short so my son can have a little entertainment but not be sitting in front of the TV for too long."

- Matt

GREAT show for kids!

"My kids loved all the episodes and of course watched the whole series in one sitting. As soon as the first season was over they asked when the second was gonna come out. They have watched the first season numerous times. Recommend this series 100% to everyone with kids."

- Jennifer

Fun, creative, trustworthy.

"Today, it's getting challenging to find kid content in the intersection of fun and wholesome with no attempts to subvert parents.

This show fits right in the sweet spot. It's entertaining and creative.

Our kids love Mighty Man and are really looking forward to season two."

- Trevor

What a fun show!

"My kids loved this! My four-year old just wanted to watch the episodes over and over again. I wouldn't let her, I wanted to know what happened next. Great wholesome fun for the whole family. Mighty Man for the win!"

- Michael

Good Clean Entertainment!

My little girl loves Might Man, and I love that I can put it on, knowing it's safe for her to watch on her own. The adventures are just long enough to keep her attention and promote good values."

- Wolfley

Great show!

"“It’s time to get mighty” has become a useful phrase now when clean up time roles around :)
Our son enjoyed this show and is on his 2nd time through. Fun characters and a great message :)"

- Tanya

Very well made!

"This is a well made short series, funny jokes and good moral to the story. My kids really enjoyed watching these and can't wait for season 2!"

- Crissi

Enjoyable fun for the family.

"Watched this with my son, and I think I laughed more than he did. It's full of surprises. Fun mix of animation styles too."

- Benjamin

Great show!

"A great show for everyone. The kids loved the different characters and the story. The different trucks are awesome!"

- Joel

Fun Show for Kids.

"This is a fun show featuring all sorts of neat construction vehicles. The episodes are short but still entertaining. The team works together to help others; it's refreshing for a show to have simple, wholesome storylines without other agendas. It's nice to know the kids are watching a good show. It's not crude or inappropriate, which is very appreciated. Can't wait for more episodes and adventures with Mighty Man and the rest of the team."

- Lyndi

Mighty entertaining and funny.

"Mighty man is a really fun new show. My kids love watching it and love to shout “it’s time to get mighty”. It’s got a fun story and the jokes in it get me laughing every time I watch it with my kids. The characters are great and teach good lessons on their adventures.
Highly recommend mighty man if you’re looking for some quick but amazing entertainment for your family, complete with heart, humor and action.
It’s time to get mighty!"


Lots of fun!

"This is such a fun show! My kids love the characters and the humor. And it helps them learn great lessons along the way! Definitely recommend. I also like that the episodes are not too long, so if your kids are like mine and like to watch whole episodes, this is a great one to turn on! We really love it!"

- Pippin33

Super fun show for kids/ Must watch.

"Fantastic show for kids. Promotes Good values. Love the characters. My kids can't get enough. Even I like watching. The music is catchy and fun."

- Larissa

Mighty Man- Mighty great! 

"What a fun, clean and darling show for young and old. We love Mighty Man and his crew. Can't wait to see more!"

- Jonathan

Best cartoon for kids!

"Our kids LOVE Mighty Man! They watch it over and over! Mighty Man is the best construction hero! Very clean show. Don't have to worry about our kids watching this cartoon. Our boys love the Mighty Wheels trucks! Great morals and fun characters. Very engaging story and excited for more episodes!"

- William

Awesome Series!

"This is a great show. My kids are binge watching it right now. Also very age appropriate"

- Jared

Kids love this show!

"My kids absolutely LOVE watching the Mighty Man show! They have watched all the episodes over and over again. And I actually hear a lot of them running around the house quoting Mighty Man and saying, "It's time to get Mighty!"

Also apparently Mighty Man sooths babies haha! When my 8 month old cries or won't eat his baby food, I turn on Mighty Man and he calms right down and claps!

I love the adventure, great morals, clean humor and fun characters. AND I don't have to worry about my kids watching it. Everything in it is clean and fun!"

- Bill

Christmas Special



"I just watched every minute of this! Totally amazing and so very touching. Whenever Pop started reminiscing about Lolli, I really started to choke up and by the end with her letter, I literally shed tears. This was a powerful and sweet message. the sentimental music really glued those pieces together and pulled my heartstrings. Astounding!"

- Ed

So well done!!!

"Oh my gosh, it was awesome!!! It had a sweetness and depth that reminded me of the Garfield Christmas Special I watched as a kid. So well done!!!"

- Bailey


"Wow, that was fantastic!"

- Blythe


What fun it was to watch the Mighty Man last night! Such a lovely and perfectly crafted show for anyone to enjoy."


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