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This cartoon series follows Mighty-Man and his crew of construction trucks or Might Wheels. Mighty-Man is requested by a Mayor Diesel to come and help rebuilt Motor City.  Mighty Man comes to the city and finds it in destructive shambles. Mighty Man and his team of Mighty Wheels go on adventure, battle the Evil Dr. Thunder, meet new friends and help rebuild Motor City!

The Adventures of Mighty  MAN

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Watch the Mighty Man Christmas Special

"I just watched every minute of this! Totally amazing and so very touching. Whenever Pop started reminiscing about Lolli, I really started to choke up and by the end with her letter, I literally shed tears. This was a powerful and sweet message. the sentimental music really glued those pieces together and pulled my heartstrings. Astounding!"

- Ed

"Oh my gosh, it was awesome!!! It had a sweetness and depth that reminded me of the Garfield Christmas Special I watched as a kid. So well done!!!"

- Bailey

"Wow, that was fantastic!"


Testimonials - Christmas Special


You can watch the Mighty Man series on Amazon TV, Happy Kids TV, Kartoon Channel, Ameba, The Living Scriptures, the "Geek Channel, YouTube and Vimeo. Watch all of your favorite episodes with the entire family in the comfort of your living room all across the globe! 

Season One

Episode 1: The Journey Begins
Mighty Man and his dump truck Throttle, discover a treasure map in Motor City. Mayor Diesel gives Mighty Man a new truck to help on the journey! The evil Dr. Thunder is determined to stop Mighty Man and his team of Mighty Wheels Trucks.

Episode 2: A Major Shift
Patience - Dr. Thunder activates a Tropo-Sphere to block the Mighty Team from progressing. Gauge learns to be patient and the team works together to fix the problem.

Episode 3: Orange Sherbert
Judging - Mighty Man and his crew rebuild an ice cream shop and learn to not judge a Motorcycle Monster

Episode 4: A New Foggy Friend
Service - While traveling through the forest, the Mighty Team encounters a broken down Mobile Crane, named Crank and for the first time meets Dr. Thunder face to face! 

Episode 5: Humble Radish Pie
Selflessness – The Mighty Team escapes the forest to find a radish farm that needs help harvesting their crop and Crank makes some new friends!

Episode 6: Ice To Meet You
Perseverance – Mighty Man disappears and encounters a new Truck! Throttle powers up and the Mighty Crew battle Dr. Thunder in a winter wonderland.

Episode 7: Ready, Set, Slow!
Knowledge – The Rotor Raceway track needs help rebuilding their race track. Gauge doesn’t feel part of the team and learns what it means to be a Mighty Wheel.

Episode 8: Field Trip
Love – Mighty Man and his Mighty Wheels team attempt to save Ms. Millie and a bus full of kids from falling off a bridge. Tater races to the rescue. Will the team make it in time?

Episode 9: The Story of Dr. Thunder
Empathy – Dr. Thunder wasn’t always so evil. Crank learns the connection between Mayor Diesel, Dr. Thunder and Digger Dan.

Episode 10: The Treasure
Teamwork - The Mighty Team find the treasure and Dr. Thunder interferes. Who will end up with the treasure? 

Episode 11: The End of Motor City
Faithfulness – Mighty Man is separated from his team and battles Dr. Thunder alone in Motor City. Mighty Man learns the faithfulness of friends

Episode 12: D.D. Digger Dan
Forgiveness - The Season Finale. Mighty Man and his team are introduced to Digger Dan and battle Dr. Thunder. The team learn the real secret about Dr. Thunder’s past and 8 tornadoes are set loose on Motor City.

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