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Mighty Wheels Toy Trucks Tough Strong St

Real Steel, ReAl Tough!

Mighty Wheels are heavy duty, strong toy trucks. Made of real steel and durable plastic and meant to last. Boys love to play hard in the dirt and gravel. That's why we made Mighty Wheels to stand strong during playtime and last for years of imaginative play! 

Mighty Wheels are designed to for fun! There are many different trucks to collect and play with. Dump Trucks, Front Loaders, Cement Mixers, Bulldozers and much more! 

Our trucks also come in many great sizes! Trucks that are 3", trucks that are 4.75", trucks that are 7", trucks that are 16"-20" and many playsets as well! 

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Mighty Man Cartoon

At Mighty Wheels, we have created our own cartoon series called Mighty Man! The cartoon follows a construction hero named Mighty Man, who has his Mighty Tools, his Mighty Hat and his team of Mighty Wheels. Together they battle the evil Dr. Thunder to protect and save Motor City. Watch Season 1 and Season 2 Episodes, as well as our "Mighty Merry Christmas" Christmas Special! "It's Time to get Mighty!"™



Mighty Wheels is excited to announce that our MagForce Playset won the Tillywig 2022, "BEST CHILDREN'S PRODUCT" Award!


This MagForce Playset is also scheduled to appear in the Tillywig 2022 online Holiday Gift Guide beginning November 1, 2022. MagForce playsets and trucks move and react with Mag-Power, no batteries required! Learn more here: 

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Mighty Wheels trucks can withstand the funnest of playtimes. Sand, dirt, rocks and gravel. Plow the way for an adventure with friends and family!

Mighty Wheels Toy Trucks - Strong and To


Who's the strongest man alive? If you were to ask a kid, he would say, his Dad. In fact we polled a few dozen kids from around the nation and 85% of them said, "Dad!" (The other 15% included superheroes of some sort.) That's why we make Mighty Wheels Strong and Tough, Just like Dad! Real steel and durable plastic make for a mighty good time!  Watch the video below about a boy and his Dad playing with the Mighty Wheels trucks!

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At Mighty Wheels we have a determination to make the strongest toy truck for your kids! 

Every buyer can look forward to a MIGHTY good, MIGHTY strong, MIGHTY durable and MIGHTY fun truck! Mighty Wheels are built to last for a MIGHTY long time. They can be passed on from father to son down to the third and fourth generations. What a MIGHTY great memory to share and a MIGHTY fine family tradition to begin.

For years Mighty Wheels has offered strong, long-lasting, safe, durable toys at very affordable prices. Our goal is to bring mighty fun back into playtime with MIGHTY WHEELS!

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